15 November 2007

will you still be around when they put me six feet underground?

the calitexican took another type of personality test. and this one, like the other, told her she was like bob dylan. i perused her itunes the other day, and noticed she doesn't have much of his work, except for the usual suspect songs. i guess being a composer artist in one test and an artist thinker/romantic observer/individualist investigator/bohemian iconoclast (honestly, these are all descriptions of a type 4 w/ 5 wing she found in a quick search...) in the other is something that bob dylan was like? are they really that different a description? seems like endless synonyms for the same basic idea. anyway, the CT has really no basis to form an opinion one way or another on bob dylan as a person, but she does want to see the movie that todd haynes directed about him.

in other news, the calitexican finished another one of her shorts. this one is a big departure from her previous work, and it a very very first draft of first drafts of the bigger project that she is in the process of conceptualizing. she did this prelude to a short for a few reasons. when she first started blogging, she was having camcorder connection issues and imovie/ram issues as well. she needed to figure this out, and so she did. this was also the first time she completed a project using imovie 6. she needed to figure that out too, and so she did. there are a few new features she liked, and others that frustrated her, but only because they were kind of cool, but limited in physicality when, if not so, could be amazing tools.

this piece (see below) was quickly slapped together in two separate sessions. one was rapidly cutting and editing. the other was choosing a piece of music to pull it together. she was looking for something radically different musically speaking, then she happened to listen to a song as she crossed the street on her way home one afternoon. she realized she hadn't seen this band in awhile, and since she was going to work on the piece anyway, she would first see when the band would be coming to the CT's town. to her utter dismay, she discovered her favorite (almost) local band had, well, disbanded, and they were going their separate ways after 7 years together. the CT told me she thinks that they were getting too big, and perhaps that helped the band's demise. you hear it everyday don't you? anyway, so she figured since she's working on a short about dia de los muertos, a celebration of a life no longer with us, she thought it was quite appropriate to include this band in her rough draft of a first draft.

in her haste to post it on the web, she put the frames to 15 per second. after viewing it, she thinks she may change the frame rate, but at this moment, she's too sleepy to contemplate doing such things. she will probably do it first thing in the morning, however...

oh, in completely unrelated matters, the CT needs to purge something since she doesn't go to confession. the ladder she borrowed for 30 minutes while fixing the bathroom this past weekend is still in her hallway. she walked past the construction site that was once her laundromat (RIP), and not a contractor in sight....oops. she's very very sorry.

ed. note: the footage was shot not by the CT, but by her partner, MK. they are collaborating on the larger aforementioned piece. the piece was edited by the CT.

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