05 November 2007

this is black superhero music right here baby

indeed. the calitexican has never talked about an album before, but she finds herself rather inspired by and excited about the new album by hovito himself: american gangster.

this album, not even the official soundtrack by the way, is far superior to the movie that supposedly inspired it.

the movie is basically a sample of all sorts of older gangster plots and thematic ideas of family, betrayal, rise to fame, alternatives to capitalism, is "traditional" capitalism any different than "our" kind?, fall from grace, etc.

the album is basically a sample of 70s funk/disco, a bit of 80s/90s notable quotables. the lyrics mention all the (good) gangster movies that interweave jay z's retelling of his brooklyn thug days. the album, however, takes its inspiration only as a loose blueprint, cuts it up and spits out a 3D architect's model. the movie only superimposes its tracing paper, changes the color and tries to pass it off as something novel. nope. tsk, tsk. ain't gonna fool this calitexican.

apparently, hova has attracted the mainstream press to his success: Jay-Z Finds Himself at the Movies. who knew the paper was so into him? i guess he is a hometown boy done good.

good tracks include: pray, hello brooklyn (any shout out to the best city in the world will suffice...), roc boys, sweet, party life, ignorant shit, the first 1/2 of say hello, success, and the title track. ok, pretty much all of it is great, and the rest is pretty damn good.

(a side note, she's pretty sure the horns in "roc boys" are also prominetly featured in another samplers' work, grindhouse, by the rodriguez and the tarantino. the horns, according to wikipedia, are by the Menahan Street Band. she can't prove this via the internet, but her memory strangely rarely fails when it comes to music. she believes the horn sample was located either in the "previews" between the two features or in the "rated r" caption just before death proof. if this so, she just demonstrated yet another film geeky trait...you read it here first people.)

she hasn't been this excited about an album in awhile, and quite a few have been released in the past couple of months. none have produced this reaction in her. and as such, loyal CT readers, she'll share a recent story which took place in the greatest city in the world. in the lower east side. this will be told as a children's book, just because.

i am sitting a very small table with my friend, my cousin and my mom. i'm holding a cold, icy drink. sluuuuuuuup. yummy, this whiskey on the rocks is really good. :) what? why don't you guys want to drink with me?

we have been waiting for a hour to eat. i'm hungry. we all are.

hmm. i wonder why two really big older men are at a hip restaurant on a friday night? gee, they have thingies that curl up from their necks and into their ear. they must be hot wearing suits and walking around the restaurant a lot. maybe they are secret service? who is the politician here? the united nations is in session.

gee, when are we going to eat? it is 10 o'clock. my tummy does not like whiskey without food in it.

oh, i'm glad we are sitting down to eat now. it is now 30 minutes later than 10 o'clock. and just in time because i have to use the restroom.

i hope i can remember where my family is sitting. two whiskeys make me not remember things very well. oh yes, i see them. hey, our table is right by one of the old guys in stuffy suits. we may be brown mister, but we didn't do nothing. i promise.

la di da, i'm walking through the hip people, la di da. my head is a little fuzzy. oh my. my heart is beating faster. i see saw jay z sitting right next to my family! oh, that's what those old suits are doing here.

i promise mr. security guy, i'm not a stalker. i'm just having my first experience freaking out after seeing a celebrity. he is the first famous person i have done that over. i promise. thanks for letting me stay at my table. i'm hungry and my family likes to eat with me.

bye bye jay z. hova. s. carter. whatever nickname you like right now. you were the first guy to get me liking hip hop a lot. thank you. next time, the whiskey is on you. oh, and you are much thinner in person than i imagined you would be.

the end.

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