27 November 2007

the current state of affairs...

normally the calitexican doesn't comment on things political in nature. however, after reading these two articles, she feels she should try to bring some attention to something that must must must be stopped. dear faithful readers, please read, learn and actively get involved. this atrocity is monstrous and devoid of all things human.

this describes what is going on: Rape Epidemic Raises Trauma of Congo War

this describes how you can help: What You Can Do to Help

thank you, and have a good day.

15 November 2007

will you still be around when they put me six feet underground?

the calitexican took another type of personality test. and this one, like the other, told her she was like bob dylan. i perused her itunes the other day, and noticed she doesn't have much of his work, except for the usual suspect songs. i guess being a composer artist in one test and an artist thinker/romantic observer/individualist investigator/bohemian iconoclast (honestly, these are all descriptions of a type 4 w/ 5 wing she found in a quick search...) in the other is something that bob dylan was like? are they really that different a description? seems like endless synonyms for the same basic idea. anyway, the CT has really no basis to form an opinion one way or another on bob dylan as a person, but she does want to see the movie that todd haynes directed about him.

in other news, the calitexican finished another one of her shorts. this one is a big departure from her previous work, and it a very very first draft of first drafts of the bigger project that she is in the process of conceptualizing. she did this prelude to a short for a few reasons. when she first started blogging, she was having camcorder connection issues and imovie/ram issues as well. she needed to figure this out, and so she did. this was also the first time she completed a project using imovie 6. she needed to figure that out too, and so she did. there are a few new features she liked, and others that frustrated her, but only because they were kind of cool, but limited in physicality when, if not so, could be amazing tools.

this piece (see below) was quickly slapped together in two separate sessions. one was rapidly cutting and editing. the other was choosing a piece of music to pull it together. she was looking for something radically different musically speaking, then she happened to listen to a song as she crossed the street on her way home one afternoon. she realized she hadn't seen this band in awhile, and since she was going to work on the piece anyway, she would first see when the band would be coming to the CT's town. to her utter dismay, she discovered her favorite (almost) local band had, well, disbanded, and they were going their separate ways after 7 years together. the CT told me she thinks that they were getting too big, and perhaps that helped the band's demise. you hear it everyday don't you? anyway, so she figured since she's working on a short about dia de los muertos, a celebration of a life no longer with us, she thought it was quite appropriate to include this band in her rough draft of a first draft.

in her haste to post it on the web, she put the frames to 15 per second. after viewing it, she thinks she may change the frame rate, but at this moment, she's too sleepy to contemplate doing such things. she will probably do it first thing in the morning, however...

oh, in completely unrelated matters, the CT needs to purge something since she doesn't go to confession. the ladder she borrowed for 30 minutes while fixing the bathroom this past weekend is still in her hallway. she walked past the construction site that was once her laundromat (RIP), and not a contractor in sight....oops. she's very very sorry.

ed. note: the footage was shot not by the CT, but by her partner, MK. they are collaborating on the larger aforementioned piece. the piece was edited by the CT.

12 November 2007

another love i still love, a familiar face to me

when the calitexican first decided to return to the blogging world, she thought she would be writing more about crafty things. then when the creative vision she took became a more internalized process, she didn't really have much to show for it except talk about the movies and stories that inspired her. but conceptualizing a short video is not really a process one can share when one is making it by herself. there are no behind-the-scenes, no other person to collaborate with and share the trials and tribulations of movie making, etc. so i suppose the calitexican used me to bring to you, her faithful readers, some sort of amusement and entertainment while she continued to internalize her creative process and make handwritten notes that she doesn't care to transcribe.

then this weekend, she helped out on a project that now is complete, and it is easy to show. she and her boo redecorated her bathroom. her bathroom before, well, i have used it on a few occasions... let's just say it was less than remarkable. i don't want her never to invite me over again (sorry dawg, but you know it's true!!), so i need to be nice.

so, with that project, and along with the help of elle, she has become inspired again to make something more short term. the calitexican used to be quite the crafty person. so much so, she would be at her day job and her coworker noticed that her hands were always moving, like there was a project they knew that needed completion. and, now that i know her pretty well, i would say she is never quite still for very long, even if she is just kind of sitting around, her hands and mind are both always running at varying levels of intensity.

the project consisted of cleaning, painting and hanging things. the place looks rather girly now, and that's good because the calitexican lives with a calimexicana. now they both feel at home in their most private of espaces.

here's one picture for your viewing pleasure. i apologize for the poor quality of the picture, but i'm not quite sure how to rotate a pic using html or else you know there would be a better quality one up. perhaps it will be something i tinker around with and return to this post. but you get the idea...very "chick" like.

so the bathroom project was the impetus for a new time for inspiration. then elle, an INFJ, decided to share with the CT a jungian personality test (which is, according to the description of an INFJ, something she likes to do). the CT took this test about 3.5 years ago, but then forgot about it, and swept it under the rug. the CT thinks she was probably the same result back then as she was last night: ISFP. this type is a composer artist. and indeed, it closely matches many major aspects of the CT's personality (from what i can tell from recently getting to know her better). some choice ones she let me share with you are the following:

1. ISFPs live in the world of sensation possibilities. They are keenly in tune with the way things look, taste, sound, feel and smell. They have a strong aesthetic appreciation for art, and are likely to be artists in some form, because they are unusually gifted at creating and composing things which will strongly affect the senses.
2. ISFPs tend to be quiet and reserved, and difficult to get to know well. They hold back their ideas and opinions except from those who they are closest to. They are likely to be kind, gentle and sensitive in their dealings with others. They are interested in contributing to people's sense of well-being and happiness, and will put a great deal of effort and energy into tasks which they believe in.
3. They're original and independent, and need to have personal space. They value people who take the time to understand the ISFP, and who support the ISFP in pursuing their goals in their own, unique way. People who don't know them well may see their unique way of life as a sign of carefree light-heartedness, but the ISFP actually takes life very seriously, constantly gathering specific information and shifting it through their value systems, in search for clarification and underlying meaning.
4. ISFPs have no desire to lead or control others, just as they have no desire to be led or controlled by others. They need space and time alone to evaluate the circumstances of their life against their value system, and are likely to respect other people's needs for the same.
5. They are concrete in speech and utilitarian in getting what they want.
6. Of course, composing must not be thought of as only writing music, but as bringing into harmonious form any aspect of the world of the five senses, and so when an especially gifted painter, sculptor, choreographer, film maker, songwriter, chef, decorator, or fashion designer shows up, he or she is likely to be an Composer. (emphasis added)

interesting, isn't it? bodes well for the things i believe she wishes to bring into the world.

elle, also an expert blog searcher, showed her two sites, both of which are now permanently linked to the left. one is of a clothes designer, the other of an working artist. the former blog inspired the CT to get back into sewing since she does have a sewing machine. the latter blog inspired her in many ways, but mainly artistically (visual and written).

thus the CT determined she's no longer content to work on mainly one project, but have a few going around at once. she's convinced it will help bring her happiness and make her as sane as she can possibly be. she's beginning to feel life again, beginning to see in colors, beginning to add more to her personal palate than black clothes, red lips and bud select on her tongue.

to start, she put new life into some planters that had been long neglected, but no longer. soon her nose will begin to work again, starting with the smells of lavender and rosemary early in the morning.

05 November 2007

this is black superhero music right here baby

indeed. the calitexican has never talked about an album before, but she finds herself rather inspired by and excited about the new album by hovito himself: american gangster.

this album, not even the official soundtrack by the way, is far superior to the movie that supposedly inspired it.

the movie is basically a sample of all sorts of older gangster plots and thematic ideas of family, betrayal, rise to fame, alternatives to capitalism, is "traditional" capitalism any different than "our" kind?, fall from grace, etc.

the album is basically a sample of 70s funk/disco, a bit of 80s/90s notable quotables. the lyrics mention all the (good) gangster movies that interweave jay z's retelling of his brooklyn thug days. the album, however, takes its inspiration only as a loose blueprint, cuts it up and spits out a 3D architect's model. the movie only superimposes its tracing paper, changes the color and tries to pass it off as something novel. nope. tsk, tsk. ain't gonna fool this calitexican.

apparently, hova has attracted the mainstream press to his success: Jay-Z Finds Himself at the Movies. who knew the paper was so into him? i guess he is a hometown boy done good.

good tracks include: pray, hello brooklyn (any shout out to the best city in the world will suffice...), roc boys, sweet, party life, ignorant shit, the first 1/2 of say hello, success, and the title track. ok, pretty much all of it is great, and the rest is pretty damn good.

(a side note, she's pretty sure the horns in "roc boys" are also prominetly featured in another samplers' work, grindhouse, by the rodriguez and the tarantino. the horns, according to wikipedia, are by the Menahan Street Band. she can't prove this via the internet, but her memory strangely rarely fails when it comes to music. she believes the horn sample was located either in the "previews" between the two features or in the "rated r" caption just before death proof. if this so, she just demonstrated yet another film geeky trait...you read it here first people.)

she hasn't been this excited about an album in awhile, and quite a few have been released in the past couple of months. none have produced this reaction in her. and as such, loyal CT readers, she'll share a recent story which took place in the greatest city in the world. in the lower east side. this will be told as a children's book, just because.

i am sitting a very small table with my friend, my cousin and my mom. i'm holding a cold, icy drink. sluuuuuuuup. yummy, this whiskey on the rocks is really good. :) what? why don't you guys want to drink with me?

we have been waiting for a hour to eat. i'm hungry. we all are.

hmm. i wonder why two really big older men are at a hip restaurant on a friday night? gee, they have thingies that curl up from their necks and into their ear. they must be hot wearing suits and walking around the restaurant a lot. maybe they are secret service? who is the politician here? the united nations is in session.

gee, when are we going to eat? it is 10 o'clock. my tummy does not like whiskey without food in it.

oh, i'm glad we are sitting down to eat now. it is now 30 minutes later than 10 o'clock. and just in time because i have to use the restroom.

i hope i can remember where my family is sitting. two whiskeys make me not remember things very well. oh yes, i see them. hey, our table is right by one of the old guys in stuffy suits. we may be brown mister, but we didn't do nothing. i promise.

la di da, i'm walking through the hip people, la di da. my head is a little fuzzy. oh my. my heart is beating faster. i see saw jay z sitting right next to my family! oh, that's what those old suits are doing here.

i promise mr. security guy, i'm not a stalker. i'm just having my first experience freaking out after seeing a celebrity. he is the first famous person i have done that over. i promise. thanks for letting me stay at my table. i'm hungry and my family likes to eat with me.

bye bye jay z. hova. s. carter. whatever nickname you like right now. you were the first guy to get me liking hip hop a lot. thank you. next time, the whiskey is on you. oh, and you are much thinner in person than i imagined you would be.

the end.

04 November 2007

they say they never really miss you until you're dead or you're gone....

american ganster, scott, 2007.

the calitexican has been on a self-imposed hiatus for a few weeks. she's been conjuring up new projects and meeting with people that keeps her away from the computer in any significant chunks of time. as she feels at home in front of a 15 inch screen typing furiously at the keyboards while alt-tabbing through different applications, she can safely say, this is the first day she's felt at home in a long time. but, as usual, she digresses.

american gangster. part of the on-going, but temporarily put on pause, gangster marathon. she has never reviewed a contemporary gangster movie, but here she goes.

1. it's very long.

there. that's about all she has to say about that. she was very disappointed. and there was no need for it to be 3 hours. the pacing was all wrong and the story not engaging enough to keep the CT, or the person behind her, awake during the movie. it's a renter people.

good lessons on story telling, pacing and editing. it helps to see what NOT to do.