03 October 2007

well it could have been, should have been worse than you would ever know

last night: shaun of the dead, edward wright, 2004. zombies, pubs, english humor, an unlikely hero and a sweet ending...what more could one want in a movie?

the ct thought it was pretty hilarious. she knows she is not alone in this assessment.

she greatly admired the quick editing throughout the movie in how it pulls the viewer out of one place quickly to transition to another. she actually has seen this type of editing before, specifically in robert rodriguez's early work. she wonders if this was an influence on shaun's editor, chris dickens. a quick look on imdb surfaces nothing except that dickens also edited sirens back in the day.

she will do some research. and also, since she's blatantly talking about it, she just might try to blatantly be influenced by this quick editing. ok, she blatantly admits she already was strongly influenced by this quick editing, so much so that she will admit right here that she's currently working on it in her next little video. it's not the easiest thing in the world, she contends, but she does love the process of trying to figure it out.

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