03 October 2007

three is the magic number

little known things about the calitexican:
1. she loves when dialogue in a movie brings attention to an action that wouldn't be explained in most movies.
2. she loves when dialogue in a movie brings attention to an action that wouldn't be explained in most movies, and still is not explained in the most recent movie.
3. she's obsessed with and lives by the number three (3).

1. a widely known fact about the calitexican is that she loves the wes anderson. one of her favorite scenes is in royal tenebaums when chaz comes in w/ his two young boys. the three are all armed with suitcases and a dog. the boys are tired and just walk up the stairs. ethel, chas' mother, is hosting a bridge game (or championship...not fully explained itself, and therefore lends itself to the greatest of ironies there as well...) and asks chas what's going on. chas breathlessly replies that they got locked out of their apartment. ethel asks, did you call a locksmith? chas nods and says vaguely, uh-huh. ethel replies, i'm confused. did you pack before or after you got locked out?

2. as stated in the last post, she just saw shaun of the dead. there's one scene where shaun goes to save his mother and step dad from getting eaten by english zombies. he gets there in a car driven by his roommate. he leaves the roommate in the driveway sitting in the car while he goes in the house. the roommate promises not to get out of the car b/c of the zombies everywhere. when shaun comes out of the house, and the car is wrapped around a street sign. shaun exclaims excitedly, but you were parked! roommate: yeeeeaaaaaah, i know. guess we'll have to take the jag then.

2a. in the short hotel chevalier (anderson, 2005), natalie portman has several very large and very dark bruises that become slowly revealed as she gradually undresses. jason schwartzman remarks, "you have bruises on your body". she says nothing, but looks at him and then continues kissing him. annnnnndddd... just earlier portman asks him if he's slept with anyone. he immediately says "no. have you?" there is a long long pause, and then she says, "no." which is clearly a complete lie. he says, "that was a long pause." she doesn't say anything but hugs him instead.

no explanations for 2 or 2a. incredible. and brilliant.

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