08 October 2007

i promise never to be your friend

so, being the wes anderson fan that she is, she, of course, saw the darjeeling limited this weekend.

the biggest thing she noticed was the dialogue, or lack thereof, in the movie. anderson is known for his dialogue-heavy movies. so she noticed for maybe a good 10 minutes (maybe even more) the movie was without words, but instead had plenty of actions and camera movment. reminiscent of the discussion the calitexican began here. she thinks this must be a new thing that anderson is trying out, perhaps at the suggestion of new writing partners, roman coppola and jason schwartzman. and after she noticed this, the movie then self-referentially leads the audience to this observation as well, if they haven't noticed it already, at the end of the movie. anjelica huston's character remarks something along the lines of: maybe we could communicate better if there were no words. indeed, the movie was definitely admitting this story experimentation of andersons. or perhaps it was an apologetic plea to the tried and true fans. or perhaps the movie is just self-conscious of its new suit that it's trying on for size. who knows...

she's happy to note that this movie was much better than the life acquatic in her humble opinion. it was, at least, a hell of a lot funnier. also kind of reminiscent of lost in translation in that it is a movie about westerners in a completely foreign eastern environment. and they treat it as such: money is not an object to these people. and, in retrospect, the place is very incidental to the story. although, it does provide for lush colors in a mainly orange-hued movie. and, she suspects that maybe this was perhaps unintended by anderson, but who knows. maybe it wasn't.

she plans on seeing this movie in the theater again.

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