23 October 2007

a kiss three years too late

the CT finally saw lust, caution the other day. she was intrigued by ang lee's use of mirrors, windows and doorways. perhaps it was more literal here than in other movies of lee's. you know, stage, pretending to be something that you are not, transitions to the other side, reflections, etc, etc.

so she doesn't know what else to say about it, other than she loves the ang lee, and perhaps it just explains that what lee meant to do in sense and sensibility and brokeback mountain. she didn't know if that was all that he meant, perhaps it is not just that simple. she refuses to believe that it is. but maybe it is just that simple.

16 October 2007

does he or doesn't he?

the calitexican doesn't really know what to say about mockumentaries, except that she's a big fan. and as such, since they don't REALLY have a plot, or even camera shots to even build off upon, except trying to make mistakes that the CT tries to avoid, she's just going to say one thing.

please go see this one:

it was made in the calitexican's hometown. it was filmed in one of the CT's rival high schools. it was/is amazingly hilarious.


why was the movie "maid in manhattan" ever made? it's godawful. maybe so you can see this:

or this?

UGH! there was a meeting about it, prob more than a few, and EVERYTHING...disgusting.

08 October 2007

A Revolutionary Icon, and Now, a Bikini

that was the title of the nytimes article highlighting an interview with one of che guevara's daughters.

"But amid all the ceremony, what really gets to Ms. Guevara is the use of the man she calls “Poppy” in ways that she says are completely removed from his revolutionary ideals, like when a designer recently put Che on a bikini."

haha..."poppy." oh, and the rest...insane.


i promise never to be your friend

so, being the wes anderson fan that she is, she, of course, saw the darjeeling limited this weekend.

the biggest thing she noticed was the dialogue, or lack thereof, in the movie. anderson is known for his dialogue-heavy movies. so she noticed for maybe a good 10 minutes (maybe even more) the movie was without words, but instead had plenty of actions and camera movment. reminiscent of the discussion the calitexican began here. she thinks this must be a new thing that anderson is trying out, perhaps at the suggestion of new writing partners, roman coppola and jason schwartzman. and after she noticed this, the movie then self-referentially leads the audience to this observation as well, if they haven't noticed it already, at the end of the movie. anjelica huston's character remarks something along the lines of: maybe we could communicate better if there were no words. indeed, the movie was definitely admitting this story experimentation of andersons. or perhaps it was an apologetic plea to the tried and true fans. or perhaps the movie is just self-conscious of its new suit that it's trying on for size. who knows...

she's happy to note that this movie was much better than the life acquatic in her humble opinion. it was, at least, a hell of a lot funnier. also kind of reminiscent of lost in translation in that it is a movie about westerners in a completely foreign eastern environment. and they treat it as such: money is not an object to these people. and, in retrospect, the place is very incidental to the story. although, it does provide for lush colors in a mainly orange-hued movie. and, she suspects that maybe this was perhaps unintended by anderson, but who knows. maybe it wasn't.

she plans on seeing this movie in the theater again.

03 October 2007

three is the magic number

little known things about the calitexican:
1. she loves when dialogue in a movie brings attention to an action that wouldn't be explained in most movies.
2. she loves when dialogue in a movie brings attention to an action that wouldn't be explained in most movies, and still is not explained in the most recent movie.
3. she's obsessed with and lives by the number three (3).

1. a widely known fact about the calitexican is that she loves the wes anderson. one of her favorite scenes is in royal tenebaums when chaz comes in w/ his two young boys. the three are all armed with suitcases and a dog. the boys are tired and just walk up the stairs. ethel, chas' mother, is hosting a bridge game (or championship...not fully explained itself, and therefore lends itself to the greatest of ironies there as well...) and asks chas what's going on. chas breathlessly replies that they got locked out of their apartment. ethel asks, did you call a locksmith? chas nods and says vaguely, uh-huh. ethel replies, i'm confused. did you pack before or after you got locked out?

2. as stated in the last post, she just saw shaun of the dead. there's one scene where shaun goes to save his mother and step dad from getting eaten by english zombies. he gets there in a car driven by his roommate. he leaves the roommate in the driveway sitting in the car while he goes in the house. the roommate promises not to get out of the car b/c of the zombies everywhere. when shaun comes out of the house, and the car is wrapped around a street sign. shaun exclaims excitedly, but you were parked! roommate: yeeeeaaaaaah, i know. guess we'll have to take the jag then.

2a. in the short hotel chevalier (anderson, 2005), natalie portman has several very large and very dark bruises that become slowly revealed as she gradually undresses. jason schwartzman remarks, "you have bruises on your body". she says nothing, but looks at him and then continues kissing him. annnnnndddd... just earlier portman asks him if he's slept with anyone. he immediately says "no. have you?" there is a long long pause, and then she says, "no." which is clearly a complete lie. he says, "that was a long pause." she doesn't say anything but hugs him instead.

no explanations for 2 or 2a. incredible. and brilliant.

well it could have been, should have been worse than you would ever know

last night: shaun of the dead, edward wright, 2004. zombies, pubs, english humor, an unlikely hero and a sweet ending...what more could one want in a movie?

the ct thought it was pretty hilarious. she knows she is not alone in this assessment.

she greatly admired the quick editing throughout the movie in how it pulls the viewer out of one place quickly to transition to another. she actually has seen this type of editing before, specifically in robert rodriguez's early work. she wonders if this was an influence on shaun's editor, chris dickens. a quick look on imdb surfaces nothing except that dickens also edited sirens back in the day.

she will do some research. and also, since she's blatantly talking about it, she just might try to blatantly be influenced by this quick editing. ok, she blatantly admits she already was strongly influenced by this quick editing, so much so that she will admit right here that she's currently working on it in her next little video. it's not the easiest thing in the world, she contends, but she does love the process of trying to figure it out.

01 October 2007