02 September 2007

your approach is rather intense

someone recommended to the calitexican that she watch broken english (2007, zoe cassavetes). she immediately responded (because she knows this person's tastes very well) that she doesn't like romantic comedies. the person replied back with, "this isn't a comedy, and it has parker posey in it." the calitexican's ears perked up and she reluctantly admitted she was intrigued. so she sat on her couch and watched it.

the special features show an interview with zoe cassavetes where she says something along the lines of "this isn't a romantic movie, it's a self introspective movie with some romantic elements." and this movie certainly is just that, and just what the calitexican agrees is what is lacking from most formulaic romantic comedies. the calitexican has heard over and over from the texican one line that was in the movie: you have to be happy with and love yourself before you can find love. hearing this line made the calitexican wonder if the texican and cassavetes wrote the script together, or maybe that the texican and gena rowland are friends and discuss the lives of their children in these terms.

without really giving anything away, parker posey and drea de matteo are best friends. posey is 39, gorgeous, and single. drea is married and unhappy. the film concentrates mainly on posey's character, but does tend to interweave the stories together as if to say, "don't settle," or "don't fall into a relationship just because you feel alone," or even "if you are in a relationship with someone you love, it is not always good times." or even...ok, that's enough.

and in that spirit, the movie ended at just the right time. ok, you found each other, then what? and that's exactly a point in the calitexican's life with which she is very familiar.

and scene.

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