09 September 2007

when you love someone

you've got to trust them, there's no other way. you've got to give them the key to everything that's yours. otherwise what's the point? and for awhile that's the love i thought i had."

so the calitexican just saw casino, scorsese, 1995. she was talking to stiffy about seeing this movie. stiffy asked, "have you seen raging bull yet?" the ct answered, "yes."" stiffy continued, "raging bull is like a blueprint for casino." since the CT had just seen about 20 minutes of casino, she thought she also saw mean streets as a big influence on (at least those 20 minutes of ) casino.

as has been mentioned before, the ct hatehatehates knowing anything about a movie before seeing it, so she wasn't entirely thrilled at the conversation above, but she did kind of just put the thought away. then when the relationship developed between sharon stone's character (who, by the way, was really great in this movie) and robert de niro's, she understood what stiffy was talking about. these are not movies about casinos or boxing, they are about male catholic guilt trying to make sense of the world in which they inhabit. and ... mean streets was exactly the same. it all comes back to mean streets for the calitexican. (and yes, she knows that de niro's character in casino is jewish, but the screenwriters are not...)

and thus, she really liked casino, but did think it was a frankenstein of scorsese's prior successes, with admittedly a few little new elements here and there. she also was reminded of someone who would say casino was his favorite movie. the CT now understands that this person actually uses some of the dialogue in his everyday speech. that's some dedication there.

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