07 September 2007

two little girls, right out of their training bras

yeah, that's kinda what watching superbad is like. watching two boys act like little girls right out of their training bras. needless to say, the calitexican had a lot of fun. and she again proved that she is not supposed to go with people to the theater who are easily embarrassed. sorry friend (however, this friend has been put fully on notice due to a personal prior experience with the CT and spiderman 3). the calitexican really likes to get her money's worth out of the movie going experience. so she laughs, jumps, talks, pretty much annoying anyone within earshot. hee hee...and to think she used to work at a movie theater as a wee texican...

she loves that one of her favorite characters from arrested development, her favorite tv show of all time, was in the movie. george michael did a great job as playing, well, exactly the same character. but this character is so amazing that he should be spread amongst various genres and media.

and mclovin? well, he was mclovin. go see the damn movie already.

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