05 September 2007

time goes by....so slowly

the calitexican is in dire need of some good live music in her life. she's going to see a band tonight that she greatly admires. she is going to bring in her geeky glasses and see if someone is taping the show or videotaping it. if so, she's going to ask questions about the techniques these people use, with the permission of the artist. otherwise, then she would not to consent to such things.

the calitexican gave up the art of show photography long ago when she was a east coast texican (i still can't think of a name for this place in her life...). she does have some good clear pics she took of a band that is, sadly, no longer with us. she feels fortunate to have seen this band quite a few times and the memories of each show will definitely stay with her.

the calitexican will not claim to know anything about recording music on to a high-quality portable digital source. sometimes it appears to be very complicated. but once she starts asking questions, she is pretty sure she can figure it out.

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