01 September 2007

sweet emotion

the calitexican missed her opportunity to blog yesterday, not because she was not by a computer, but because she hadn't seen a movie! she didn't think this blog would just be about her talking about movies, but she did have a bit of the writers block...or blogger's block as the case may be.

yesterday the calitexican called it an early night and decided to snuggle on the couch with an old friend of hers...dazed and confused (1993, linklater). she knows probably every line to this movie, so watching the movie with her may be annoying if she is around other people. like she's referenced and acknowledged before, she loves to talk during movies (about the movie, not about random things). she knows this is a weakness of hers and she does apologize to all those she annoys or offends upon doing so.

she likes this movie because it is a snapshot of what her life was like in 1992. she was a wee semi-little texican, and she knows a lot of the extras in the film. also, the calitexican and her mom, the texican, were driving home at the end of the day. they noticed that something weird was going on in their quiet neighborhood. someone had painted a fire hydrant to look like abraham lincoln. and then they realized that only two blocks away from where they lived this masterpiece of a movie was shot. well, not all of it of course, but just a few scenes. in particular the car chase of the high school boys and the middle school boys. right before ben affleck gets a shotgun pulled on him by carl's mom.

also, the CT mentioned once or twice in this blog that she likes, no, that she loves parks. the park she first encountered when she was a wee little texican was the park where the jr. high boys play and where mitch gets his ass beat.

anyway, she enjoyed her break from the gangster movies, but she thinks it is high time to return. and she thinks the next one is heat (1995, michael mann). this was a recommendation from a person she recently met who is a big fan of these gangster flicks.

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