04 September 2007

up up up up up up

but we can learn like the trees
how to bend
how to sway and say
i think i understand
-angry anymore, ani difranco, 1999

now i rarely talk about events in the calitexican's day to day life, but i had to just show what a calitexican she really is. she was driving around in a zipcar, and listening to ani difranco on her way to whole foods (started in austin, texas) to shop for vegetarian food while carrying a "insert east coast liberal arts college here" tote bag. and yes, she did bring bags to put her groceries in thank you very much. and she gave her 5 cent credit to some extremely well deserving non-profit organization too. too bad the whole foods corporation is kind of out of control.

wow. just one of them days.

she had another one of those days about 3 years ago when she was in berkeley (of all places) riding her bike to a yoga class. she was riding with her own yoga mat, whose mesh bag is made of recycled plastic soda bottles.

sometimes she thinks she might have to check the "ican" part of her calitexican-ness. being that she pretty much eats breakfast tacos nearly every morning makes her think she's ok on that end too. yum, i think i'll have to ask her for a recipe soon.

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