14 September 2007

no one is entirely evil

so last night the ct packed up some cups, a bottle opener and her green mexican blanket and went to movie night in the park with a friend. he contributed conversation, 2 bottles of wine, spicy hummus, pita, and yummy chocolate chip cookies.

oh, and the movie was delicatessen, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, 1991. she had seen this movie about 8 years ago while she was the newyorktexican. (ugh, she still needs a good nickname for this!!) she remembered really liking it, so why not see it in the park?

Jeunet was also the guy that brought us that sickeningly sweet amelie, which the CT grudgingly admits that she likes very much, despite its heavy emphasis on romance. she also likes the music so much she would study while listening to it.

back to delicatessen. so, it was interesting to watch as she realized there was not much dialogue in the movie. Jeunet really knows how to tell a quirky story through bizzare actions/characters, syncopated rhythms, and artsy camera angles. perhaps this is the reason his movies are pretty successful in the United States. when an engaging story transcends language as the main story telling device, it is nearly inevitable that it should get noticed outside its native tongue.

now she wants to see city of lost children because she never did. and she's seen amelie enough that she doesn't necessarily have to see it again, but why not?

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