18 August 2007

you lose, you win. you win, you win. either way, you win

the calitexican also does not see the world in either/ors or black/whites, but in many many many shades of gray. she is not sure if joe pesci meant the grays when his character said the aforementioned quote, but that is her interpreation of it. perhaps she interpreted this way due to the day she had...

so the calitexican finally finally saw raging bull (1980, scorsese) last night/this morning. she knows this is not a "gangster" movie per se, but the calitexican recognizes the need to get out of the box a bit and peek around. so since she likes the scorsese, she decided to see the scorsese. so eyyyy, fuggdidaboutdit already.

up next per the rental store: serpico (1973, lumet), and scarface (1983, de palma).

more discussion on the aforementioned movies in a bit...but for now she wants to see a fully bearded and young pacino. yummy....and eyyyy, fuggdidaboutdit already.

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