11 August 2007

you know how we do it

well, no, actually i don't.

you see, the calitexican has a mild obsession with homies. she has only a few, she is far from becoming the collector she knows she has inside of her. so with the few she has, she makes sure they stick together to form if not a family, at least a neighborhood-like tolerance of each other. however, she thinks there are some sort of toy story type shenanigans going on while she is not in her room.

exhibit a:

please see a reenactment of how she arranged the homies on her desk. she has learned from prior experience that the pimp and the policeman do not get along. so she made sure to separate them. she also knows that if the pimp is not supported by that jarrito, he will run away. he's such a trouble maker, that one. she always arranges them this way because it's easy to see if they have moved or not.

now. when she came home, she swears to god, this is how it was:

how in the world did the policeman end up on his back and why is it that big chola is right behind twin cholita #2? it looks as if big chola is making sure to restrain twin cholita #2 from getting to the officer and cholita is looking at the pimp who appears to be the lookout. what?! the calitexican does not know why her homies are playing such a rough game other than the fact they clearly are bored with their positions in her room. however, the calitexican does not condone violence of any sort. perhaps they need a change of scenery now and then. maybe that will make them happier.

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