26 August 2007

with your feet in the air and your head on the ground

try this trick and spin it, yeah/
your head will collapse/
but there's nothing in it/
and you'll ask/
where is my mind?
--"where is my mind,"
the pixies (surfer rosa, 1988)

the calitexican believes that just perhaps maybe frank black saw 8 1/2 and wrote this song based on the movie. it actually kind of does describe the first scene of the movie. to see what she means, please follow this link and scroll to about 2:15 into the clip. she absolutely loved this scene, so she would actually request for you, if you have the time, to watch the whole thing.

the way this song jumps around in subject, weaving elements of dreams and memories back into reality, "where is my mind?" is a 4 minute microcosm of 8 1/2 itself.

this film is amazing, and enough so for the calitexican to know that she needs to see it again on dvd on the comfort of her couch. she saw it in a quite chilly park surrounded by distraction, particularly by one elderly, rude and passive aggressive man (to call this person a gentleman would be a disservice to the word), and she believes this movie deserves better than that. she normally doesn't care if people talk around her, especially in a public park, but this man was just a sad awful human with, like, lots of toxic energy.

back to the movie. she was intrigued by the dreams, the music, the gorgeous actresses, and most of all, the style. wow. she feels all of these people could be living now and fit right in. good choice on keeping the style simple, classic and thus made it persevere time and culture.

she could be mistaken, but maybe not. there's one scene where the director's friend dances with the younger american woman he wants to marry. they are dancing separately and in a kind of spazzy way (she is currently scouring the internet for video of the scene, stay tuned...). immediately the calitexican thought of the dance scene in pulp fiction between john travolta and uma thurman. the men were both wearing suits, and the women, although wearing different colors (albeit one wore black and the other wore black and white), were also wearing similar outfits. the male actors both had similar hair, the female actors also had similar hairstyles.

(a very quick internet search confirms that tarantino did indeed pay homage to fellini's dance scene. seems like the calitexican may have the potential to become quite the film nerd afterall. )

she also thought a shot of the hotel hallway also inspired madonna's video justify my love, but the calitexican can safely say that she does not consider the latter work to be a great piece of art, but merely something that shocks for shock sake. which she supposes means it achieved what it set out to, but the calitexican is going to stop before she starts analyzing this period of madonna's career.

perhaps all of you are wondering why the calitexican spends so much time watching movies. she believes watching these movies are like studying texts. she is not so much passively watching them, but constantly learning from them. she looks at shot composition, lighting, she weaves together visual and textual themes, and, as illustrated above, is thinking about influences on others. all of this research she hopes will continue to stimulate her expanding interest in making videos, and maybe even a short movie one day. but she knows she has to start somewhere, and with all her years in school, she feels very comfortable researching. so research she shall.

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