19 August 2007

who can trust a cop that don't take money?

hmm. so let's see. the calitexican was more interested in taking screenshots of serpico's evolving style than sitting through the whole movie. the calitexican is also very strongly anti-marriage, but she would consider marrying pacino as serpico. oh my...

serpico the early years:

he looks a lot like michael corleone here.

specifically in godfather II.

of course, the two movies were made in a year apart.

serpico's first day on the job.

having fun with the kiddos, and letting his hair grow into a mushroom poof. the calitexican is a lover of mid 70s style (hair, clothing and music), and although this was set mostly in the 60s, she's just going to pretend that the styles are 70s-ish. which, she strongly contends that it is...

so...the calitexican just finished watching the movie while taking nearly 50 screenshots. she will have to sort through them first in order to complete this post.

very quickly, yes, she does know that this is also not a gangster movie, but a cop crime one...but as she's mentioned, she's really really into the young pacino...and on that note, on to the next post.

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