23 August 2007

where is my mind?

the calitexican left her mind in a california whole foods on tuesday afternoon. if you can find it, please return to the calitexican care of this blog, no questions asked. thanks.

so far the calitexican has seen the following gangster movies (and spin offs...of the marathon, not the genre per se) as part of her official marathon:

1. part of goodfellas
2. godfather 2 (74), coppola
3. mean streets (73), scorsese
4. donnie brasco (97), newell
5. carlito's way (93), de palma
6. goodfellas (90), scorsese
7. reservoir dogs (92), tarantino
8. raging bull (80), scorsese (catholic torture spinoff)
9. serpico (73), lumet (cop movie spinoff)
10. first 1/2 the godfather (72), coppola
11. godfather 3, (90) coppola

up next: scarface (83), de palma. currently playing in her dvd player...

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