16 August 2007

whaddya mean you don't tip?

the calitexican just saw reservoir dogs (1992, tarantino) as part of the next installment of the gangster movie marathon (and not pulp fiction as she originally thought). she had been coming home late lately, totally disrupting her routine. as she's pretty old, she likes routines, and gets rather unsettled when it is disturbed. and not seeing a complete gangster movie every other day was really starting to wear on her last nerve. so to see reservoir dogs in full was sort of an accomplishment all on its own.

she has many things to say about this movie, about how she sees mean streets in it, and more than the fact that these movies share both harvey keitel, and a plethora of new york accents (beginning from the 1950s, maybe even 1940s). she also feels like she is going to have to start to see french new wave films so she can understand references not only in scorsese's and tarantino's work, but also another favorite of the calitexican's, wes anderson.

but this will wait. she does believe she's going to write a mean streets post. or several posts. maybe one per influence on each movie. she has yet to make up her mind on this.

next movie: either taxi driver or serpico. or...pulp fiction for real this time.

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