10 August 2007

trials and tribulations of video making

panasonic pv gs-180 (june 07)
powerbook g4, 1.5 ghz, 80gb, 512 ram (jan 05): aka "rockstar #6"
imovie HD 6
toast 8 titanium
4 pin to 6 pin firewire cable

now, i've been having quite a hard time having imovie 6 read my camcorder. it's quite frustrating because i know my computer registers my camcorder when i connect it. this leads me to believe it's a software issue, and not hardware one. thank goodness because a software issue is much less expensive to fix than a hardware one (i will return to this subject shortly).

i just received imovie 6 as part of a software upgrade for all ilife 5 programs. i should have known that they were going to release ilife 8 soon. i can be quite naive when it comes to such things. when i discovered that apple made major changes to imovie, i was absolutely elated. elated...! however, my bubble was quickly burst upon reading the specifications required to run imovie 8. namely, the first being you need at least 1gb of ram. this is probably true, i could use an upgrade of ram, so i don't constantly "break my computer" (my affectionate term for: using up all the CPU power with my obsessive need to fluctuate between as many programs as i want/need). i break my computer pretty much doing any sort of editing with imovie 6, even if it is the only program open. also, for imovie 8 you need the new intel mac. grrrrrr. i can't even believe apple had the cojones to do this with all the pre-intel mac people out there. i bet there are many complaints in the blogosphere about this...i will be sure to investigate and report back.

(quick recap of the calitexican's video shorts: i started out using a crappy webcam given to me by someone who is now out of my life. i discovered i really liked doing little short movies, so i asked for, and received, a camcorder as a graduation present. the calitexican's mother, the texican, has always been very encouraging in the calitexican's pursuits of creativity. the calitexican promised to make her a star. she intends on fulfilling this promise)

back to bitching about imovie: the quick recap. i promise. my slowly aging computer just doesn't have the juice needed to run imovie 8, which the calitexican believes holds the key to the software upgrade that she needs to make her little movies dammit. so i just shook my head and cursed a lot. i then continued my never ending quest to find other people who have the same issues the calitexican has with this camcorder and imovie 6. apparently, i am not the only one with this particular issue either. this has made the calitexican rather hopeful that she will find a solution to this problem since others have.

two days ago i got toast titanium 8. this is the best application i could ever ask for at this moment. i got it for another reason other than my camcorder/computer connection issues, but upon reading the manual, i discovered that i can connect my camcorder and toast will spit out a DV version of what was recorded. hmm, this just precisely the "software upgrade" i have been looking for. funny its in a separate program altogether. i fully plan on exploring this further today. keep yr fingers crossed.

however, this is going to have to start after i take a nap since i'm kind of tired now after experimenting with blog colors, page elements, fixing html glitches and multiple template redos. and then maybe i can actually be elated for more than 5 minutes today.

also today i most likely will work on my furniture project too. i will be posting some pics of this project thanks to the suggestion of elle. :)

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