10 August 2007

today is a good day

although it got off to a rather dubious start, i do believe today is a good day. i have no idea what has changed in the 3 hours i got some sleep, but it's as if this world is full of possibilities and hope again.

part of that is due to me being right about one thing. my software issue. i usually give apple programs props for things, but right now i have to give two thumbs up to roxio's toast 8 titanium.

the calitexican was right about a few things:
1. her computer reads her camcorder. and she is not crazy (about that at least).
2. imovie 6 is a piece of caca software if it can't import her camcorder through a DV connection.
3. toast reads her camcorder and can control it from the computer.

unfortunately, the calitexican has some real world errands to run now. she will be back experimenting in a few hours...

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