10 August 2007

return of the calitexican

so, after a 8 year hiatus from the blogging world, i've decided, perhaps due to being awake at 4am, to return. this time, i'm going to change my moniker and my topic of posts.

i have been distracted from doing what i love for three years. now, as i dip my toes in the water of creativity again, i thought that the revolution should be blogged, so to speak.

so, a few of my new posts will chronicle my adventures in video making and restoring furniture. the latter one will only be a few posts, i presume, and the former will be something i will concentrate on much more on this blog. as i used to do other many crafty projects prior to my 3 year descent into the depths of studying law, i most likely will be posting my little projects as well.

enjoy, and see you soon...


Elle said...

Welcome to bloglandia (again)!


thanks, it's good to be back. :)