23 August 2007

an offer he can't refuse

so the calitexican saw most of godfather I and all of godfather III, the latter of which she has never seen, but heard plenty of bad things about. she was pleasantly surprised that she didn't really dislike the movie. in fact, she rather liked it, but found she didn't like it as much as the other two. for the record, the second is her favorite, but the first is a close second. this assessment came after seeing the first on dvd and after several viewings, she started to notice thematic sequences that repeat throughout the series. she has to say her favorite part in the first one is when michael goes to the hospital and then until he avenges his father's shooting in the restaurant. those series of scenes are incredible. and like she has said before, you can find ample reviews and critiques, and probably film school dissertations on this very topic, so she doesn't feel it's her place to add to the many, but she will try to find someone else's words to describe it and post it. if not, she'll put her own.

quickly about godfather III. yes, sofia coppola (the calitexican's style icon, by the way) is a far superior director than actress. however, it could be argued that diane keaton, although a decent actress, was not all that great of one in the first godfather...but she was still better than sofia. anyway, so yes, she liked GF3, but did not find it at all a revolutionary film either visually, stylistically, or thematically. she will contend that she did like they weaved in parts of the story based on real life events thus linking the vatican, corporations and mafia business. but like she said, not revolutionary. oh, she also did really like pacino's acting during the diabetic stroke (she didn't know what was going on...), mary's death (howls of pure pain) and his own death (falling over in chair and dropping fruit had never seemed so difficult before).

and on another good note, a very kind soul lent her a 4 pin to 6 pin firewire cable and it looks like this is all it needed to import her videos. she plans on geeking out for the next few days to see if she can put something from texas together. she has two things in mind, one very linear in scope, the other not so much.

hasta luego...

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