25 August 2007

is this what it's all about mang?

"eating, drinking, ... , then what? yr 50, you have a bag for a belly. ... you got a liver that's got spots on them. ... is this what i work for?" wow, tony montana has a lot to say at a fancy miami restaurant...and that's the edited version. the calitexican also has to say that sometimes she has had the same musings, but then they go out of her head as soon as they pop in.

finally finally finished scarface. man, that's a long movie...

12. scarface, 1983, de palma

the calitexican keeps hearing about dirty cops in these movies. she never really thinks about this in her day to day life. she doesn't know why she even mentioned this...she guesses watching 12 movies in a row that have to do with either mafia, gangsters, dirty cops (and one good cop) made it pop into her mind. maybe she needs to take a break and watch something kind of light or in a completely different genre. like tonight...watching 8 1/2.

and on that note, she thinks she's going to play some wes anderson on in the background. in particular, rushmore (1998). there's a reference to serpico. now that she has seen the movie, she wants to know if it is a reference to the tv show or to the movie...

oh, and quickly. she couldn't stop thinking of de palma's carrie (1976) during the finale of scarface. the slow motion and the music and gina's crazy hair just reminded her so much of the prom. but that's all she has to say about that.

the calitexican did really like the homie-like scarface action figures, so she just had to include it in this post.

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