24 August 2007

i'm looking for a copy of "8 and 1/2"

"is that a new release, sir?" asks the video store clerk (after he picked his ear for a long time with a pencil and looking at the result).
"no, it's the classic italian film," asserts the slightly geeky guy who should have known better to walk into a chain video store to look for that movie.
"yes sir. let me check that on the computer for you, sir." clerk types furiously.
[BEEP] goes the computer.
"yes, here it is. 9 1/2 weeks with mickey rourke. that would be in the erotic drama section." the clerk smiles with a geeky knowing look.
"no, not 9 and 1/2, EIGHT and a half, the fellini film." the man says irritably.
-- ghost world, 2001, zwigoff.

now the calitexican really despises knowing anything about a movie before she sees it. she likes to not have anyone else's thoughts influence her perception of the movie experience. from reading that last statement, one may suppose the calitexican is a control freak. one may also suppose she is easily influenced by others. the calitexican would rather think that she is the positive flip side of those statements. but she digresses.

so, the impetus for the above is that 8 1/2, the fellini film, not 9 1/2 weeks (also starring kim basinger), is going to be showing for free in a california park tomorrow. the calitexican absolutely adores parks. ever since she was a wee little texican, she liked riding her bike to read in the park. funny how little things change because a few decades later, and after being in many many parks and after reading many many books, and after reading many many books in these many many parks, there still is nothing the calitexican likes more than riding her bike (or walking) to a park and reading a book. but watching movies in a park as dusk settles in and changes into night comes a very close second.

now, she doesn't know too much about 8 1/2 other than it is by fellini and that it is a film about filmmaking.

since the calitexican likes movies, parks and thinking about filmmaking, she is beyond describable emotion at the prospect of the three converging in one place tomorrow. she is counting down the hours...

until then, she's doing something she likes only slightly less than being in a park...

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