29 August 2007

i do not attempt to deny that i think very highly of him...that i greatly esteem him. that i like him.

eleanor said to marianne as they were going to sleep.

the calitexican has lost some of the steam (steem?) from her earlier post regarding the brilliance of ang lee. however, she will quickly try to describe why the director of the hulk has a special place within her chest, even surviving the aftermath of grenade that was set off.

this can probably be done in a few short sentences. lee understands both repressed and unrequited feelings. he has shown this over and over again in different movies, with different stories and even across genres. the calitexican also understands these emotions, and thinks that she has not seen someone put them on the screen quite like lee does. she thinks most chick flicks are poor excuses for the true emotions that come from having loved and lost, and lee is not afraid to explore these emotions and replicate them to the best of his story-telling abilities. and his new movie, love, caution, promises to deliver yet another heartbreaking exploration. how could it not with a name like that?

i am not sure, but i do believe the calitexican likes seeing the heartbreaking movies with true emotion, and none of this kate hudson formulaic crap or even zach braff's feeble attempts to bring a quirky male voice to the chick flick, because it reminds her of what the flip side of the heartbreak feels like, which is only why it is powerful in the first place, and which is something she realizes a few people are lucky enough to experience. i think she believes the standard chick flick only reinforces the stereotype of women being in love with the idea of being in love, and not actually allowing themselves to fall in love with all of its good and bad qualities. because love, as wonderful and special as it is, is never easy. if it was, then life would almost be irrelevant. she feels the chick flick only glosses over these feelings in a cheap manner with absolutely no character development to make the viewer actually care if they get together in the end, cause you know they will. this is probably why she can only limit herself to a few genres within the chick flick: austen/wharton/lee. cause when the calitexican falls, she falls hard. or so i've heard.

whenever i get the chance, i'll ask her to verify these statements.

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