29 August 2007

how could i have ever lost you when i love you?

it took a long, long, long time/
now i'm so happy i found you.
how i love you.
so many tears i was searching/
so many tears i was wasting/
now i can see you be you.
how could i ever misplace you?
how i want you.

long, long, long (cover of the john lennon song, sung by elliott smith, 2002, the echo, los angeles)

the calitexican was reading the paper yesterday/this morning and found out that one of her favorite directors of all time is coming out with a new movie. this would be the one and only ang lee. she had seen the wedding banquet (1995) in college and really liked it, but didn't think all that much of it other than it was a clever movie. then she saw the ice storm (1997). she didn't really like it as much as the critics did upon the first viewing. let's just say that repeat viewings and living life has made the calitexican appreciate that movie more.

and then she saw sense and sensibility (1995). the calitexican is quite well known among her ranks for generally despising "chick flicks." she feels like her skin is bubbling up and turning into pus-filled boils if she is forced to watch one. she is constantly jumpy and downright irritable if she does have to sit through one.

like most things in life, she does make room for an exception: jane austen inspired movies. the calitexican was actually taking a summer school class called "great books, good movies." perhaps you don't know much about the calitexican, but if you have read any part of this blog, you know she likes to read, and she likes movies. so this was the perfect class for her to take during one mellow summer in rhode island nearly a decade ago. (so does that mean she was the newtexican? hmm... she'll gladly take suggestions for her ny years in the comments) she read/saw/wrote scenes for tom jones, great expectations, the color purple (shame on you steven spielberg...awful movie), age of innocence (favorite book of the bunch, beginning the CT's obsession with edith wharton), howard's end and sense and sensibility. she thinks she may be forgetting one book, but she's nearly positive she has all of them committed to memory.

so upon reading sense and sensibility first and then seeing the movie, she really appreciated the way emma thompson (as screenwriter) decided to adapt the story to fit into a movie. some large characters were cut, some scenes omitted, as goes for most adaptations. but since the calitexican decided to add to her mounting school debt to take this class, she definitely paid attention to these things for the first time in her young life. she was so moved by this movie she cried. she's not sure if she cried the first time she saw it, however it's quite possible considering she was missing her family and friends since they were 4 hours south by either car/bus/train/plane, take your pick.

the calitexican is not ashamed to admit that every time she views sense and sensibility she cries exactly three times at certain points in the movie. so upon each viewing of the movie, she began to notice certain things with the direction, and in particular one part still confounds her. since she doesn't have the movie in front of her, and her memory is getting cluttered with old age, she will not describe it in detail now. but she will say that this shot which involves a close up of a window and expands into a wide shot of a hallway, is nearly identical to a shot in brokeback mountain (2005), if not lee's most famous work to date, then certainly his most controversial. also, it is the ultimate "chick flick."

this scene in brokeback mountain is heartbreaking if not only for the fact that during the scene the calitexican sobbed like her heart was breaking for the first time. it's when the audience realizes that jack (jake gyllenhaal) has stolen the shirt of his beloved ennis (heath ledger) from their first time working together decades earlier. even though ennis pushed jack away from his heart and his life, you know that he loved him in only the way he knew how. and you know that ennis was tortured for the rest of his life, unable to love anyone else the way he loved jack. and in that scene, there's also an open window, shot widening, no person to be seen, with a fluttering curtain (is that true about the curtain in each movie? she'll have to do some research...)

the calitexican unfortunately has to stop the post, she hasn't even written why she thinks these movies touch her soul, and thus her excitement for the new movie. as you can see, she has plenty to say about the ang lee.

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