28 August 2007

he's out. you're out too. and i don't think i'm in either. no gang!

man, gotta love bottle rocket (1996, anderson) with quotes like that. and the movie is chock full of them too. currently watching at 4:51 am. the calitexican can't sleep, but she can watch one of her all time favorite movies. currently remembering when she was taking a break from the east coast and was taking classes at UT austin. wes anderson was on campus promoting his new film, rushmore, and she had just seen bottle rocket for the first time and thought he was her new favorite filmmaker. she loved the quirkiness of BR and then fell in love with rushmore. then when the royal tenenbaums came out...eyyyy, fuggedaboudit.

ok, ok, a few more quotes:
dignan: (drawing on a map) there, you see the star is me, the X is anthony. bob, you're the zero out here in the car.

bob: what are you putting tape on your nose for?
dignan: exactly.

dignan: (excited during the bookstore robbery) get one of those bags. let's move, come on!! a bigger one you idiot! what do you think!
bookstore manager: don't call me an idiot you punk.
dignan: (with false calmness) do you have bigger bags for atlases or dictionaries, uh, sir?

dignan: anthony!! bob's gone! he stole his car!

guy in bar: (looks at dignan's crewcut)
you're in the army, yes?
dignan: (smiling) no, i just have short hair.

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