10 August 2007

as far back as i can remember, i always wanted to be a gangster.

so, since the calitexican has some unexpected free time before she vacates her apartment on a (free) date with the night, she thinks she should write this post now.

the calitexican and her friend, stiffy, have been rather poor lately and decided a good way to combat the boredom that accompanies having no money in a (relatively) big city was to start a gangster movie marathon. the beginnings of this marathon were rather organic in nature, as the best things in life tend to be. as the calitexican has recently discovered her latent interest in filmmaking, she was blown away by the direction seen in goodfellas and godfather part 2. thus the germination of a movie marathon began.

so far the calitexican has seen the following movies in order:
  1. last 1/3rd goodfellas
  2. godfather 2 (1974, coppola)
  3. mean streets (1973, scorsese)
  4. donnie brasco (1997, newell)
  5. carlito's way (1993, de palma)
  6. goodfellas (1990, scorsese)
as already mentioned, she was absolutely blown away with the first two movies. she was completely quiet through each viewing, which, if you were to know the calitexican in person, you know she cannot stay quiet through movies. she just can't help herself. but this time her mind was racing. she was trying to piece together the story, the cinematography, shot composition and editing all at the same time during these first viewings. through her extremely limited experience in making videos, she has a complete new respect for the genre of filmmaking.

she then saw the third movie, mean streets, and pretty much had her mouth hanging open the whole time. she discovered this movie is a portrait of the director as a young man. her mind started to spin out of control as she finally began to realize for herself the impact this one director has had. all from this ONE movie, and the calitexican has yet to see taxi driver and raging bull in her marathon. he has spawned so many admirers, and rightfully so. furthermore, she directly saw the influence by only viewing this very early work of his. she believes she could never watch another scorsese movie and she still will know that he influenced scores of directors (but to do that would be a damn shame). mean streets is such a rough piece of a movie, but at the same time so profoundly progressive. the calitexican apologizes for that overly broad statement, but if she doesn't stop talking about it, she wont. she probably will make a whole new post related to this man and this movie for all that she has to say on the subject. come to think about it, one could dedicate a whole blog or dissertation on it. anyway...

(super quick aside before completely leaving mean streets behind...wow. robert de niro was so hot when he was the calitexican's age...she realizes that johnny boy spawned a whole era of hipster style. they can't beat the original though...)

she doesn't know if she will post her thoughts and opinions on each movie, since one can find ample reviews and critiques on all these movies. but she does think maybe she will write some sort of analysis based on viewing these "classics."

oh, the calitexican should also put up a bit of a disclaimer. some may say she "should have" seen all these movies by now, but she went to a school that was populated with 99.8% women in the northeast. while attending this particular undergraduate institution, she began to believe that the male influence on all art forms was overrated. she went out of her way to find female artists and female inspirations and to ignore the male ones purely because of their creator's gender. however, upon viewing these movies, the calitexican (no longer reluctantly) gives these male artists props for their creativity and utterly respects their influence on younger generations. she does not feel it is her place in this blog to discuss the reasons why male directors may have had advantages over female directors in society, however, she is fully aware of gender discrepancies and does take these aspects into consideration while she views the various gangster movies.

the calitexican feels she is living in an exciting time for a relatively new art form, and she is excited to discover it more fully. she now regrets not taking a film class in college, but she thinks she can more than make up for it now.

movie up next: pulp fiction, 1994, tarantino. repeated viewing of goodfellas.

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