26 August 2007

all i've got is your photograph

(although "oye mi amor" was a close second selection for the post title)

the calitexican was going to include these pics as part of the serpico post, but she decided the young pacino that she wants to marry deserves as many posts as she can devote to him...

here is seripco bored. how cute:

Picture 8.png

in cop class

Picture 13.png

learning spanish

here is serpico looking very very, um, stylish...and ok, ok, here he is looking cute again:

Picture 10.png

checking fingerprints and telling the guy distracting him to shove it.

Picture 24.png

opening soda and working on cars.

Picture 16.png

riding with his first lady love. the CT hates her. :)

Picture 11.png

making the big move to manhanttan and singing opera.

Picture 2.png

pleading with his second lady love to stay. the CT will gladly take her place.

Picture 5.png

yummy. lovelovelove the pose and indeed she actually likes what he's wearing here too instead of mainly liking just the hair and beard.

Picture 4.png

she's pretty sure she's seen this guy hanging out at a bar in the mission district of san francisco, or in williamsburg, brooklyn.

Picture 6.png

again, she's pretty sure she's seen this guy hanging out at a bar in the mission / williamsburg. she tried to get a full shot of him in this peacoat, but it was too blurry.

Picture 1.png

will he testify, or is he just trying on the suit for fun?

Picture 7.png

he aint afraid of no cops.

ok, well, the calitexican, as you can see, clearly had fun looking at serpico and thinking about the hipsters (that emulate his style) she sees as she walks around this earth. she was also toying around with html and pictures on this post to see what she can learn for future posts.

until then,
much love,
the calitexican

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