29 August 2007

i do not attempt to deny that i think very highly of him...that i greatly esteem him. that i like him.

eleanor said to marianne as they were going to sleep.

the calitexican has lost some of the steam (steem?) from her earlier post regarding the brilliance of ang lee. however, she will quickly try to describe why the director of the hulk has a special place within her chest, even surviving the aftermath of grenade that was set off.

this can probably be done in a few short sentences. lee understands both repressed and unrequited feelings. he has shown this over and over again in different movies, with different stories and even across genres. the calitexican also understands these emotions, and thinks that she has not seen someone put them on the screen quite like lee does. she thinks most chick flicks are poor excuses for the true emotions that come from having loved and lost, and lee is not afraid to explore these emotions and replicate them to the best of his story-telling abilities. and his new movie, love, caution, promises to deliver yet another heartbreaking exploration. how could it not with a name like that?

i am not sure, but i do believe the calitexican likes seeing the heartbreaking movies with true emotion, and none of this kate hudson formulaic crap or even zach braff's feeble attempts to bring a quirky male voice to the chick flick, because it reminds her of what the flip side of the heartbreak feels like, which is only why it is powerful in the first place, and which is something she realizes a few people are lucky enough to experience. i think she believes the standard chick flick only reinforces the stereotype of women being in love with the idea of being in love, and not actually allowing themselves to fall in love with all of its good and bad qualities. because love, as wonderful and special as it is, is never easy. if it was, then life would almost be irrelevant. she feels the chick flick only glosses over these feelings in a cheap manner with absolutely no character development to make the viewer actually care if they get together in the end, cause you know they will. this is probably why she can only limit herself to a few genres within the chick flick: austen/wharton/lee. cause when the calitexican falls, she falls hard. or so i've heard.

whenever i get the chance, i'll ask her to verify these statements.

how could i have ever lost you when i love you?

it took a long, long, long time/
now i'm so happy i found you.
how i love you.
so many tears i was searching/
so many tears i was wasting/
now i can see you be you.
how could i ever misplace you?
how i want you.

long, long, long (cover of the john lennon song, sung by elliott smith, 2002, the echo, los angeles)

the calitexican was reading the paper yesterday/this morning and found out that one of her favorite directors of all time is coming out with a new movie. this would be the one and only ang lee. she had seen the wedding banquet (1995) in college and really liked it, but didn't think all that much of it other than it was a clever movie. then she saw the ice storm (1997). she didn't really like it as much as the critics did upon the first viewing. let's just say that repeat viewings and living life has made the calitexican appreciate that movie more.

and then she saw sense and sensibility (1995). the calitexican is quite well known among her ranks for generally despising "chick flicks." she feels like her skin is bubbling up and turning into pus-filled boils if she is forced to watch one. she is constantly jumpy and downright irritable if she does have to sit through one.

like most things in life, she does make room for an exception: jane austen inspired movies. the calitexican was actually taking a summer school class called "great books, good movies." perhaps you don't know much about the calitexican, but if you have read any part of this blog, you know she likes to read, and she likes movies. so this was the perfect class for her to take during one mellow summer in rhode island nearly a decade ago. (so does that mean she was the newtexican? hmm... she'll gladly take suggestions for her ny years in the comments) she read/saw/wrote scenes for tom jones, great expectations, the color purple (shame on you steven spielberg...awful movie), age of innocence (favorite book of the bunch, beginning the CT's obsession with edith wharton), howard's end and sense and sensibility. she thinks she may be forgetting one book, but she's nearly positive she has all of them committed to memory.

so upon reading sense and sensibility first and then seeing the movie, she really appreciated the way emma thompson (as screenwriter) decided to adapt the story to fit into a movie. some large characters were cut, some scenes omitted, as goes for most adaptations. but since the calitexican decided to add to her mounting school debt to take this class, she definitely paid attention to these things for the first time in her young life. she was so moved by this movie she cried. she's not sure if she cried the first time she saw it, however it's quite possible considering she was missing her family and friends since they were 4 hours south by either car/bus/train/plane, take your pick.

the calitexican is not ashamed to admit that every time she views sense and sensibility she cries exactly three times at certain points in the movie. so upon each viewing of the movie, she began to notice certain things with the direction, and in particular one part still confounds her. since she doesn't have the movie in front of her, and her memory is getting cluttered with old age, she will not describe it in detail now. but she will say that this shot which involves a close up of a window and expands into a wide shot of a hallway, is nearly identical to a shot in brokeback mountain (2005), if not lee's most famous work to date, then certainly his most controversial. also, it is the ultimate "chick flick."

this scene in brokeback mountain is heartbreaking if not only for the fact that during the scene the calitexican sobbed like her heart was breaking for the first time. it's when the audience realizes that jack (jake gyllenhaal) has stolen the shirt of his beloved ennis (heath ledger) from their first time working together decades earlier. even though ennis pushed jack away from his heart and his life, you know that he loved him in only the way he knew how. and you know that ennis was tortured for the rest of his life, unable to love anyone else the way he loved jack. and in that scene, there's also an open window, shot widening, no person to be seen, with a fluttering curtain (is that true about the curtain in each movie? she'll have to do some research...)

the calitexican unfortunately has to stop the post, she hasn't even written why she thinks these movies touch her soul, and thus her excitement for the new movie. as you can see, she has plenty to say about the ang lee.

28 August 2007

last call. he was sick of it all.

now, the calitexican has been debating with herself on whether or not she should say something about the rumors surrounding owen wilson. as 1/2 of the great anderson/wilson writing team, she has an extreme amount of respect for his writing abilities. she does, of course, have a sense of humor, but she does not respect his comedic talents as much as she respects his brain.

on the way to work this morning, the calitexican was listening to elliott smith, yet another favorite of the calitexican's. she kept thinking about how elliott supposedly committed suicide, and was prominently featured in the suicide scene in the royal tenenbaums. her heart ached as she thought about the turmoil one must have to be in in order to attempt such a drastic act.

in particular, she thought that elliott may know a thing or two about depression and/or suicide. so she was listening to the below song and thinking about owen wilson:

a passing feeling (from a basement on a hill. 2003)

everything is gone but the echo of the burst of a shell
and i'm stuck here waiting for a passing feeling
in the city i built up and blew to hell
i'm stuck here waiting for a passing feeling
still i sinned all the time
my request for relief
down the dead power lines
though i'm beyond belief
in the help i require
just to exist at all
took a long time to stand
took an hour to fall.
i'm stuck here waiting for a passing feeling
stuck here waiting for a passing feeling

still i sinned all the time
my request for relief
down the dead power lines
though i'm beyond belief
in the help i require
just to exist at all
took a long time to stand
took an hour to fall

although she knows she doesn't know the wilson family personally, her heart and thoughts go out to them right now...

he's out. you're out too. and i don't think i'm in either. no gang!

man, gotta love bottle rocket (1996, anderson) with quotes like that. and the movie is chock full of them too. currently watching at 4:51 am. the calitexican can't sleep, but she can watch one of her all time favorite movies. currently remembering when she was taking a break from the east coast and was taking classes at UT austin. wes anderson was on campus promoting his new film, rushmore, and she had just seen bottle rocket for the first time and thought he was her new favorite filmmaker. she loved the quirkiness of BR and then fell in love with rushmore. then when the royal tenenbaums came out...eyyyy, fuggedaboudit.

ok, ok, a few more quotes:
dignan: (drawing on a map) there, you see the star is me, the X is anthony. bob, you're the zero out here in the car.

bob: what are you putting tape on your nose for?
dignan: exactly.

dignan: (excited during the bookstore robbery) get one of those bags. let's move, come on!! a bigger one you idiot! what do you think!
bookstore manager: don't call me an idiot you punk.
dignan: (with false calmness) do you have bigger bags for atlases or dictionaries, uh, sir?

dignan: anthony!! bob's gone! he stole his car!

guy in bar: (looks at dignan's crewcut)
you're in the army, yes?
dignan: (smiling) no, i just have short hair.

26 August 2007

all i've got is your photograph

(although "oye mi amor" was a close second selection for the post title)

the calitexican was going to include these pics as part of the serpico post, but she decided the young pacino that she wants to marry deserves as many posts as she can devote to him...

here is seripco bored. how cute:

Picture 8.png

in cop class

Picture 13.png

learning spanish

here is serpico looking very very, um, stylish...and ok, ok, here he is looking cute again:

Picture 10.png

checking fingerprints and telling the guy distracting him to shove it.

Picture 24.png

opening soda and working on cars.

Picture 16.png

riding with his first lady love. the CT hates her. :)

Picture 11.png

making the big move to manhanttan and singing opera.

Picture 2.png

pleading with his second lady love to stay. the CT will gladly take her place.

Picture 5.png

yummy. lovelovelove the pose and indeed she actually likes what he's wearing here too instead of mainly liking just the hair and beard.

Picture 4.png

she's pretty sure she's seen this guy hanging out at a bar in the mission district of san francisco, or in williamsburg, brooklyn.

Picture 6.png

again, she's pretty sure she's seen this guy hanging out at a bar in the mission / williamsburg. she tried to get a full shot of him in this peacoat, but it was too blurry.

Picture 1.png

will he testify, or is he just trying on the suit for fun?

Picture 7.png

he aint afraid of no cops.

ok, well, the calitexican, as you can see, clearly had fun looking at serpico and thinking about the hipsters (that emulate his style) she sees as she walks around this earth. she was also toying around with html and pictures on this post to see what she can learn for future posts.

until then,
much love,
the calitexican

with your feet in the air and your head on the ground

try this trick and spin it, yeah/
your head will collapse/
but there's nothing in it/
and you'll ask/
where is my mind?
--"where is my mind,"
the pixies (surfer rosa, 1988)

the calitexican believes that just perhaps maybe frank black saw 8 1/2 and wrote this song based on the movie. it actually kind of does describe the first scene of the movie. to see what she means, please follow this link and scroll to about 2:15 into the clip. she absolutely loved this scene, so she would actually request for you, if you have the time, to watch the whole thing.

the way this song jumps around in subject, weaving elements of dreams and memories back into reality, "where is my mind?" is a 4 minute microcosm of 8 1/2 itself.

this film is amazing, and enough so for the calitexican to know that she needs to see it again on dvd on the comfort of her couch. she saw it in a quite chilly park surrounded by distraction, particularly by one elderly, rude and passive aggressive man (to call this person a gentleman would be a disservice to the word), and she believes this movie deserves better than that. she normally doesn't care if people talk around her, especially in a public park, but this man was just a sad awful human with, like, lots of toxic energy.

back to the movie. she was intrigued by the dreams, the music, the gorgeous actresses, and most of all, the style. wow. she feels all of these people could be living now and fit right in. good choice on keeping the style simple, classic and thus made it persevere time and culture.

she could be mistaken, but maybe not. there's one scene where the director's friend dances with the younger american woman he wants to marry. they are dancing separately and in a kind of spazzy way (she is currently scouring the internet for video of the scene, stay tuned...). immediately the calitexican thought of the dance scene in pulp fiction between john travolta and uma thurman. the men were both wearing suits, and the women, although wearing different colors (albeit one wore black and the other wore black and white), were also wearing similar outfits. the male actors both had similar hair, the female actors also had similar hairstyles.

(a very quick internet search confirms that tarantino did indeed pay homage to fellini's dance scene. seems like the calitexican may have the potential to become quite the film nerd afterall. )

she also thought a shot of the hotel hallway also inspired madonna's video justify my love, but the calitexican can safely say that she does not consider the latter work to be a great piece of art, but merely something that shocks for shock sake. which she supposes means it achieved what it set out to, but the calitexican is going to stop before she starts analyzing this period of madonna's career.

perhaps all of you are wondering why the calitexican spends so much time watching movies. she believes watching these movies are like studying texts. she is not so much passively watching them, but constantly learning from them. she looks at shot composition, lighting, she weaves together visual and textual themes, and, as illustrated above, is thinking about influences on others. all of this research she hopes will continue to stimulate her expanding interest in making videos, and maybe even a short movie one day. but she knows she has to start somewhere, and with all her years in school, she feels very comfortable researching. so research she shall.

25 August 2007

don't say it doesn't matter. every line matters.

haha!!! the calitexican just watched the serpico part of rushmore (scroll to 2:30). pure hilarity. max writes and directs a play, serpico, for school. it is indeed a reference to the movie, with a few "ad libs" and a few different costume changes. she notices frank is a priest in rushmore, whereas in the movie serpico, he is undercover as a hasidic rabbi for maybe 5 seconds in one particularly bizzare scene. she thinks anderson and owen wilson (from now on "anderson" for short) took liberty with this in order to dress up max's younger chapel partner as a nun. it works. and is hilarious.

on a more serious note, she notices that serpico, watergate and vietnam are all events that influenced max enough to write a play on each topic. as such, the calitexican wonders why this precocious kid is obsessed with the 70s (she could ask herself the same thing). they are all scandals, falls from grace, and max had just been in a meeting in which he was informed he could be expelled from rushmore due to his poor grades. in that scene we also learn he is at the private school due to a scholarship.

max is neither prim nor proper, and he involves himself with too many extra-curricular activities at rushmore, perhaps because he knows he doesn't quite fit into any of one them. his father is a barber, but is embarrassed about this fact and instead asserts his father is a brain surgeon. after being expelled from rushmore and having to attend the horrors of a public high school, max becomes disillusioned with the prim and proper school and rich kid life in the third act of the movie. his scandal being expelled, his fall from grace being disillusionment with the rushmore lifestyle.

(please note: the calitexican is only interested in using the serpico comparison because it is fresh in her head. she does not wish to discuss any further the influence of watergate and vietnam on max.)

perhaps anderson sees max like frank serpico. max does have questionable integrity, unlike frank, but perhaps because he was blinded by puppy love and is still a teenager. both are unlikely rebels, passionately standing up for what they believe.

max claims his true passion is rushmore, but the calitexican contends that it is rather producing, directing and writing his elaborately executed school plays. she believes the following passage holds the answer as to what max holds dear and a link to how he can be seen as a 90s teen frank seripco:

(backstage after the play)
max: what happened to the canoli line?
teen actor playing frank serpico: max...
max: you're supposed to say, "forget about it sanchez. the old man likes his canolis."
actor: look, i made a mistake alright. it didn't make any difference anyway.
max: hey, i'm letting it go, but don't say it doesn't matter. every line matters!
actor: get off my back! (throws a pool cue stick.)
max: don't fuck with my play!
(actor punches max in the nose, and a fight ensues.)

now, the calitexican believes that max is upset over a potential compromise in the integrity of his play on site at his beloved rushmore, just like frank serpico was upset over the mass corruption in police precincts in all 5 boroughs of new york city. and yes, the calitexican was slightly exaggerating the comparison, however, she does believe that the comparison can be made anyway, just to slightly different implications, one very personal, the other both having serious personal and political ramifications.

and on that note, the calitexican is going to bounce around outside and enjoy the beautiful california summer afternoon.

is this what it's all about mang?

"eating, drinking, ... , then what? yr 50, you have a bag for a belly. ... you got a liver that's got spots on them. ... is this what i work for?" wow, tony montana has a lot to say at a fancy miami restaurant...and that's the edited version. the calitexican also has to say that sometimes she has had the same musings, but then they go out of her head as soon as they pop in.

finally finally finished scarface. man, that's a long movie...

12. scarface, 1983, de palma

the calitexican keeps hearing about dirty cops in these movies. she never really thinks about this in her day to day life. she doesn't know why she even mentioned this...she guesses watching 12 movies in a row that have to do with either mafia, gangsters, dirty cops (and one good cop) made it pop into her mind. maybe she needs to take a break and watch something kind of light or in a completely different genre. like tonight...watching 8 1/2.

and on that note, she thinks she's going to play some wes anderson on in the background. in particular, rushmore (1998). there's a reference to serpico. now that she has seen the movie, she wants to know if it is a reference to the tv show or to the movie...

oh, and quickly. she couldn't stop thinking of de palma's carrie (1976) during the finale of scarface. the slow motion and the music and gina's crazy hair just reminded her so much of the prom. but that's all she has to say about that.

the calitexican did really like the homie-like scarface action figures, so she just had to include it in this post.

24 August 2007

i'm looking for a copy of "8 and 1/2"

"is that a new release, sir?" asks the video store clerk (after he picked his ear for a long time with a pencil and looking at the result).
"no, it's the classic italian film," asserts the slightly geeky guy who should have known better to walk into a chain video store to look for that movie.
"yes sir. let me check that on the computer for you, sir." clerk types furiously.
[BEEP] goes the computer.
"yes, here it is. 9 1/2 weeks with mickey rourke. that would be in the erotic drama section." the clerk smiles with a geeky knowing look.
"no, not 9 and 1/2, EIGHT and a half, the fellini film." the man says irritably.
-- ghost world, 2001, zwigoff.

now the calitexican really despises knowing anything about a movie before she sees it. she likes to not have anyone else's thoughts influence her perception of the movie experience. from reading that last statement, one may suppose the calitexican is a control freak. one may also suppose she is easily influenced by others. the calitexican would rather think that she is the positive flip side of those statements. but she digresses.

so, the impetus for the above is that 8 1/2, the fellini film, not 9 1/2 weeks (also starring kim basinger), is going to be showing for free in a california park tomorrow. the calitexican absolutely adores parks. ever since she was a wee little texican, she liked riding her bike to read in the park. funny how little things change because a few decades later, and after being in many many parks and after reading many many books, and after reading many many books in these many many parks, there still is nothing the calitexican likes more than riding her bike (or walking) to a park and reading a book. but watching movies in a park as dusk settles in and changes into night comes a very close second.

now, she doesn't know too much about 8 1/2 other than it is by fellini and that it is a film about filmmaking.

since the calitexican likes movies, parks and thinking about filmmaking, she is beyond describable emotion at the prospect of the three converging in one place tomorrow. she is counting down the hours...

until then, she's doing something she likes only slightly less than being in a park...

23 August 2007

where is my mind?

the calitexican left her mind in a california whole foods on tuesday afternoon. if you can find it, please return to the calitexican care of this blog, no questions asked. thanks.

so far the calitexican has seen the following gangster movies (and spin offs...of the marathon, not the genre per se) as part of her official marathon:

1. part of goodfellas
2. godfather 2 (74), coppola
3. mean streets (73), scorsese
4. donnie brasco (97), newell
5. carlito's way (93), de palma
6. goodfellas (90), scorsese
7. reservoir dogs (92), tarantino
8. raging bull (80), scorsese (catholic torture spinoff)
9. serpico (73), lumet (cop movie spinoff)
10. first 1/2 the godfather (72), coppola
11. godfather 3, (90) coppola

up next: scarface (83), de palma. currently playing in her dvd player...

an offer he can't refuse

so the calitexican saw most of godfather I and all of godfather III, the latter of which she has never seen, but heard plenty of bad things about. she was pleasantly surprised that she didn't really dislike the movie. in fact, she rather liked it, but found she didn't like it as much as the other two. for the record, the second is her favorite, but the first is a close second. this assessment came after seeing the first on dvd and after several viewings, she started to notice thematic sequences that repeat throughout the series. she has to say her favorite part in the first one is when michael goes to the hospital and then until he avenges his father's shooting in the restaurant. those series of scenes are incredible. and like she has said before, you can find ample reviews and critiques, and probably film school dissertations on this very topic, so she doesn't feel it's her place to add to the many, but she will try to find someone else's words to describe it and post it. if not, she'll put her own.

quickly about godfather III. yes, sofia coppola (the calitexican's style icon, by the way) is a far superior director than actress. however, it could be argued that diane keaton, although a decent actress, was not all that great of one in the first godfather...but she was still better than sofia. anyway, so yes, she liked GF3, but did not find it at all a revolutionary film either visually, stylistically, or thematically. she will contend that she did like they weaved in parts of the story based on real life events thus linking the vatican, corporations and mafia business. but like she said, not revolutionary. oh, she also did really like pacino's acting during the diabetic stroke (she didn't know what was going on...), mary's death (howls of pure pain) and his own death (falling over in chair and dropping fruit had never seemed so difficult before).

and on another good note, a very kind soul lent her a 4 pin to 6 pin firewire cable and it looks like this is all it needed to import her videos. she plans on geeking out for the next few days to see if she can put something from texas together. she has two things in mind, one very linear in scope, the other not so much.

hasta luego...

19 August 2007

who can trust a cop that don't take money?

hmm. so let's see. the calitexican was more interested in taking screenshots of serpico's evolving style than sitting through the whole movie. the calitexican is also very strongly anti-marriage, but she would consider marrying pacino as serpico. oh my...

serpico the early years:

he looks a lot like michael corleone here.

specifically in godfather II.

of course, the two movies were made in a year apart.

serpico's first day on the job.

having fun with the kiddos, and letting his hair grow into a mushroom poof. the calitexican is a lover of mid 70s style (hair, clothing and music), and although this was set mostly in the 60s, she's just going to pretend that the styles are 70s-ish. which, she strongly contends that it is...

so...the calitexican just finished watching the movie while taking nearly 50 screenshots. she will have to sort through them first in order to complete this post.

very quickly, yes, she does know that this is also not a gangster movie, but a cop crime one...but as she's mentioned, she's really really into the young pacino...and on that note, on to the next post.

18 August 2007

you lose, you win. you win, you win. either way, you win

the calitexican also does not see the world in either/ors or black/whites, but in many many many shades of gray. she is not sure if joe pesci meant the grays when his character said the aforementioned quote, but that is her interpreation of it. perhaps she interpreted this way due to the day she had...

so the calitexican finally finally saw raging bull (1980, scorsese) last night/this morning. she knows this is not a "gangster" movie per se, but the calitexican recognizes the need to get out of the box a bit and peek around. so since she likes the scorsese, she decided to see the scorsese. so eyyyy, fuggdidaboutdit already.

up next per the rental store: serpico (1973, lumet), and scarface (1983, de palma).

more discussion on the aforementioned movies in a bit...but for now she wants to see a fully bearded and young pacino. yummy....and eyyyy, fuggdidaboutdit already.

17 August 2007

you keep on pushing me over the borderline...

and this time it's a good thing. the calitexican is a big fan of the david pogue. so when she had some downtime to sit down today and read the nytimes online (affectionately called, "the paper"), she was very relieved to see pogue's headline for his blog:

Apple Takes a Step Back With iMovie ’08

she was so happy to read:
"IMovie ‘08, on the other hand, has been totally misnamed. It’s not iMovie at all. In fact, it’s nothing like its predecessor and contains none of the same code or design. It’s designed for an utterly different task, and a lot of people are screaming bloody murder."

sounds good so far!! maybe no need for a totally new computer after all.

and it continues:
"The new iMovie, for example, is probably the only video-editing program on the market with no timeline—no horizontal, scrolling strip that displays your clips laid end to end, with their lengths representing their durations. You have no indication of how many minutes into your movie you are."

the calitexican is admittedly new to editing, but at least she knows how crucial the above was while editing her little movies. and, she might add, she thinks that exclusion is totally ridiculous...

she also likes to read this:
"The new iMovie gets a D for audio editing. You can choose one piece of music to put behind the video, but that’s it. You can’t manually adjust audio levels during a scene (for example, to make the music quieter when someone is speaking). You can’t extract the audio from a clip. The program creates a fade-out at the end of an audio clip, but you can’t control its length or curve. "

she's had some serious audio issues that made her want an external mic for her little webcam, but now that she has a camcorder, she thinks her audio issues will be better. she was very fortunate to have imovie's sound to be able change at different points during the editing process.

and she didn't know about this, but she will take advantage now:
"The new iMovie doesn’t accept plug-ins, either. For years, I’ve relied on GeeThree.com’s iMovie plug-ins to achieve effects like picture-in-picture, bluescreen and subtitles. That’s all over now."

ummhmm...and coming up next is what the calitexican has been upset about because we computer lovers know we have to update our computers often enough, but to spend the kind of money that apple thinks we should at the time they put out new products is completely unacceptable and simply out of touch with reality for most consumers. makes me glad that david pogue, mr. super duper technology guy, thinks so as well:
"On top of all that, this more limited iMovie has steep horsepower requirements that rule out most computers older than about two years old."

she also likes pogue's silly sense of humor and brutal honesty:
"But honestly. To rephrase (and sanitize) the wailing on the discussion boards: What the [bleep]! What was Apple thinking?"

"I can’t remember any software company pulling a stunt like this before: throwing away a fully developed, mature, popular program and substituting a bare-bones, differently focused program under the same name.

"I’ve used the real iMovie to edit my Times videos for three years now. The results are perfectly convincing as professional video blog work. But the new version is totally unusable for that purpose. It’s unusable, in fact, for anyone doing professional work that requires any degree of precision.

"I can’t help thinking that Apple would have done better to call a spade a spade, and give the new program a different name. Call it FlyMovie, or ByeMovie, or WhyMovie.

"But one thing’s for sure: it sure isn’t iMovie.

and that, my friends, is the word of the pogue.

16 August 2007

update: only in dreams

quickly: a quick view on my forum posting shows that more than a few people are interested in the calitexican's question, however, no one seems to be able to pose any answers.

the calitexican believes she will require the services of a geeky friend this weekend. she will have to agree to this of course. and while sober too. the last time the calitexican and this friend were involved in trying to figure out this very problem, it lead to mass hysteria, maniacal laughter and furrowed eyebrows. must try, try again.

whaddya mean you don't tip?

the calitexican just saw reservoir dogs (1992, tarantino) as part of the next installment of the gangster movie marathon (and not pulp fiction as she originally thought). she had been coming home late lately, totally disrupting her routine. as she's pretty old, she likes routines, and gets rather unsettled when it is disturbed. and not seeing a complete gangster movie every other day was really starting to wear on her last nerve. so to see reservoir dogs in full was sort of an accomplishment all on its own.

she has many things to say about this movie, about how she sees mean streets in it, and more than the fact that these movies share both harvey keitel, and a plethora of new york accents (beginning from the 1950s, maybe even 1940s). she also feels like she is going to have to start to see french new wave films so she can understand references not only in scorsese's and tarantino's work, but also another favorite of the calitexican's, wes anderson.

but this will wait. she does believe she's going to write a mean streets post. or several posts. maybe one per influence on each movie. she has yet to make up her mind on this.

next movie: either taxi driver or serpico. or...pulp fiction for real this time.

14 August 2007

you can do it, put yr back into it...

the calitexican does not lie. she does not need to. please see the last post and then look at EXHIBIT B:

this is what the calitexican stumbled onto when she came home. the cop is on his back, the pimp is moved somewhat and the ladies are all looking as if nothing happened. very strange indeed...she tells you, this is very weird.

11 August 2007

you know how we do it

well, no, actually i don't.

you see, the calitexican has a mild obsession with homies. she has only a few, she is far from becoming the collector she knows she has inside of her. so with the few she has, she makes sure they stick together to form if not a family, at least a neighborhood-like tolerance of each other. however, she thinks there are some sort of toy story type shenanigans going on while she is not in her room.

exhibit a:

please see a reenactment of how she arranged the homies on her desk. she has learned from prior experience that the pimp and the policeman do not get along. so she made sure to separate them. she also knows that if the pimp is not supported by that jarrito, he will run away. he's such a trouble maker, that one. she always arranges them this way because it's easy to see if they have moved or not.

now. when she came home, she swears to god, this is how it was:

how in the world did the policeman end up on his back and why is it that big chola is right behind twin cholita #2? it looks as if big chola is making sure to restrain twin cholita #2 from getting to the officer and cholita is looking at the pimp who appears to be the lookout. what?! the calitexican does not know why her homies are playing such a rough game other than the fact they clearly are bored with their positions in her room. however, the calitexican does not condone violence of any sort. perhaps they need a change of scenery now and then. maybe that will make them happier.

only in dreams

or only in geek reality? i should have known it would be a matter of time before someone was able to figure out how to bypass imovie 8's stringent computer requirements. well done my friend, well done.

additionally, faithful readers, if you or you know anyone who might know the answer to my problem, please read/send this:
http://www.macworld.com/forums/ubbthreads/showflat.php?Cat=0&Number=524898&an=0&page=0#524898 so far a few views, but no replies. i sent the exact same question to the maclife boards. same response.

AND/OR this:

someone was kind enough to respond, but only to get more information.

today is a new day. let the search continue...in the meantime i'm going to work on my furniture project to get my mind off of these computer issues.

10 August 2007

as far back as i can remember, i always wanted to be a gangster.

so, since the calitexican has some unexpected free time before she vacates her apartment on a (free) date with the night, she thinks she should write this post now.

the calitexican and her friend, stiffy, have been rather poor lately and decided a good way to combat the boredom that accompanies having no money in a (relatively) big city was to start a gangster movie marathon. the beginnings of this marathon were rather organic in nature, as the best things in life tend to be. as the calitexican has recently discovered her latent interest in filmmaking, she was blown away by the direction seen in goodfellas and godfather part 2. thus the germination of a movie marathon began.

so far the calitexican has seen the following movies in order:
  1. last 1/3rd goodfellas
  2. godfather 2 (1974, coppola)
  3. mean streets (1973, scorsese)
  4. donnie brasco (1997, newell)
  5. carlito's way (1993, de palma)
  6. goodfellas (1990, scorsese)
as already mentioned, she was absolutely blown away with the first two movies. she was completely quiet through each viewing, which, if you were to know the calitexican in person, you know she cannot stay quiet through movies. she just can't help herself. but this time her mind was racing. she was trying to piece together the story, the cinematography, shot composition and editing all at the same time during these first viewings. through her extremely limited experience in making videos, she has a complete new respect for the genre of filmmaking.

she then saw the third movie, mean streets, and pretty much had her mouth hanging open the whole time. she discovered this movie is a portrait of the director as a young man. her mind started to spin out of control as she finally began to realize for herself the impact this one director has had. all from this ONE movie, and the calitexican has yet to see taxi driver and raging bull in her marathon. he has spawned so many admirers, and rightfully so. furthermore, she directly saw the influence by only viewing this very early work of his. she believes she could never watch another scorsese movie and she still will know that he influenced scores of directors (but to do that would be a damn shame). mean streets is such a rough piece of a movie, but at the same time so profoundly progressive. the calitexican apologizes for that overly broad statement, but if she doesn't stop talking about it, she wont. she probably will make a whole new post related to this man and this movie for all that she has to say on the subject. come to think about it, one could dedicate a whole blog or dissertation on it. anyway...

(super quick aside before completely leaving mean streets behind...wow. robert de niro was so hot when he was the calitexican's age...she realizes that johnny boy spawned a whole era of hipster style. they can't beat the original though...)

she doesn't know if she will post her thoughts and opinions on each movie, since one can find ample reviews and critiques on all these movies. but she does think maybe she will write some sort of analysis based on viewing these "classics."

oh, the calitexican should also put up a bit of a disclaimer. some may say she "should have" seen all these movies by now, but she went to a school that was populated with 99.8% women in the northeast. while attending this particular undergraduate institution, she began to believe that the male influence on all art forms was overrated. she went out of her way to find female artists and female inspirations and to ignore the male ones purely because of their creator's gender. however, upon viewing these movies, the calitexican (no longer reluctantly) gives these male artists props for their creativity and utterly respects their influence on younger generations. she does not feel it is her place in this blog to discuss the reasons why male directors may have had advantages over female directors in society, however, she is fully aware of gender discrepancies and does take these aspects into consideration while she views the various gangster movies.

the calitexican feels she is living in an exciting time for a relatively new art form, and she is excited to discover it more fully. she now regrets not taking a film class in college, but she thinks she can more than make up for it now.

movie up next: pulp fiction, 1994, tarantino. repeated viewing of goodfellas.

it's time we all reach out for something new, that means you too...

well, well, the calitexican didn't have the perfect good day as described by ice cube...instead, there have been a few set backs. however, the calitexican is not deterred by these minor inconveniences. she embraces them. what doesn't kill her makes her stronger.

so she decided to register to various mac forums and actually ask for answers to her questions. she is sure she will get some asshole responses, but she will ignore them just like her mama, the texican, taught her to do. she is feeling uber geeky in that she actually registered to these things, but she is forever hopeful there is an existing solution.

she really really hopes that she doesn't have to turn to the dark side for as a solution to her problem. she is very looking forward to not having to use a certain seattle-based operating system to be creative. ewewew. puke.

so stay tuned...there will be lots more to come.

today is a good day

although it got off to a rather dubious start, i do believe today is a good day. i have no idea what has changed in the 3 hours i got some sleep, but it's as if this world is full of possibilities and hope again.

part of that is due to me being right about one thing. my software issue. i usually give apple programs props for things, but right now i have to give two thumbs up to roxio's toast 8 titanium.

the calitexican was right about a few things:
1. her computer reads her camcorder. and she is not crazy (about that at least).
2. imovie 6 is a piece of caca software if it can't import her camcorder through a DV connection.
3. toast reads her camcorder and can control it from the computer.

unfortunately, the calitexican has some real world errands to run now. she will be back experimenting in a few hours...

trials and tribulations of video making

panasonic pv gs-180 (june 07)
powerbook g4, 1.5 ghz, 80gb, 512 ram (jan 05): aka "rockstar #6"
imovie HD 6
toast 8 titanium
4 pin to 6 pin firewire cable

now, i've been having quite a hard time having imovie 6 read my camcorder. it's quite frustrating because i know my computer registers my camcorder when i connect it. this leads me to believe it's a software issue, and not hardware one. thank goodness because a software issue is much less expensive to fix than a hardware one (i will return to this subject shortly).

i just received imovie 6 as part of a software upgrade for all ilife 5 programs. i should have known that they were going to release ilife 8 soon. i can be quite naive when it comes to such things. when i discovered that apple made major changes to imovie, i was absolutely elated. elated...! however, my bubble was quickly burst upon reading the specifications required to run imovie 8. namely, the first being you need at least 1gb of ram. this is probably true, i could use an upgrade of ram, so i don't constantly "break my computer" (my affectionate term for: using up all the CPU power with my obsessive need to fluctuate between as many programs as i want/need). i break my computer pretty much doing any sort of editing with imovie 6, even if it is the only program open. also, for imovie 8 you need the new intel mac. grrrrrr. i can't even believe apple had the cojones to do this with all the pre-intel mac people out there. i bet there are many complaints in the blogosphere about this...i will be sure to investigate and report back.

(quick recap of the calitexican's video shorts: i started out using a crappy webcam given to me by someone who is now out of my life. i discovered i really liked doing little short movies, so i asked for, and received, a camcorder as a graduation present. the calitexican's mother, the texican, has always been very encouraging in the calitexican's pursuits of creativity. the calitexican promised to make her a star. she intends on fulfilling this promise)

back to bitching about imovie: the quick recap. i promise. my slowly aging computer just doesn't have the juice needed to run imovie 8, which the calitexican believes holds the key to the software upgrade that she needs to make her little movies dammit. so i just shook my head and cursed a lot. i then continued my never ending quest to find other people who have the same issues the calitexican has with this camcorder and imovie 6. apparently, i am not the only one with this particular issue either. this has made the calitexican rather hopeful that she will find a solution to this problem since others have.

two days ago i got toast titanium 8. this is the best application i could ever ask for at this moment. i got it for another reason other than my camcorder/computer connection issues, but upon reading the manual, i discovered that i can connect my camcorder and toast will spit out a DV version of what was recorded. hmm, this just precisely the "software upgrade" i have been looking for. funny its in a separate program altogether. i fully plan on exploring this further today. keep yr fingers crossed.

however, this is going to have to start after i take a nap since i'm kind of tired now after experimenting with blog colors, page elements, fixing html glitches and multiple template redos. and then maybe i can actually be elated for more than 5 minutes today.

also today i most likely will work on my furniture project too. i will be posting some pics of this project thanks to the suggestion of elle. :)

return of the calitexican

so, after a 8 year hiatus from the blogging world, i've decided, perhaps due to being awake at 4am, to return. this time, i'm going to change my moniker and my topic of posts.

i have been distracted from doing what i love for three years. now, as i dip my toes in the water of creativity again, i thought that the revolution should be blogged, so to speak.

so, a few of my new posts will chronicle my adventures in video making and restoring furniture. the latter one will only be a few posts, i presume, and the former will be something i will concentrate on much more on this blog. as i used to do other many crafty projects prior to my 3 year descent into the depths of studying law, i most likely will be posting my little projects as well.

enjoy, and see you soon...